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This Week in Corporate Learning: Workplace Trends

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This week, we take a look at trends that may impact the world of work in the coming year as well as actions you can take to capitalize on them.

The 2020 Workspace: 3 Things to Know

The typical workplace has changed a lot over the past two decades due to factors like growing globalization and rapid technological advancement. Going into a new year, what are some of the biggest trends you need to know about? This article takes a closer look at three of them—diversity, flexibility, and connectedness.

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The Future of Work: Training an Increasingly Diverse Workforce

Managing a diverse workforce takes more than simply putting people of different backgrounds in the same room and asking them to work together. Good management ultimately starts with the right training, which is why we need to be ready to not only educate employees about diversity but also deliver learning and professional development experiences to diverse audiences.

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Tips for Keeping Your Virtual Teams Engaged

Remote work is on the rise. In a 2019 survey of workers in the U.S., 62% said they worked remotely at least some of the time, a jump of about 10% compared with 2017. But with dispersed employees can come a challenge—engagement. 

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Skills Gaps Rise as Organizations Ignore Workforce Training Preferences

79% of tech decision makers said the skills gaps affecting their businesses are only getting worse, and with salaries at all-time highs and the shelf life of skills at record lows, they’re losing the ability to “hire their ways” around the issue. The solution is this: purposeful training and professional development opportunities that establish clear pathways for success and keep learners’ knowledge and skills up to date so your organization can keep its competitive edge.

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