This Week in Corporate Learning: The Human-first Workplace

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This week we look at technological progress as an amplifier rather than a benchmark.

Stay up-to-date on the latest news in corporate learning with these trending articles.

How Will We Keep People, Not Machines, At The Center Of The Future Of Work?

As technological progress continues to invade our work environments, it’s worth questioning our foundational assumptions.

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Why McDonald’s Might Be Training Your Next Great Hire

Recognizing durable, human-skills are in high-demand, McDonald’s has launched a new training campaign to upskill their employees.

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Why Employee Engagement Needs the Right Planning

To create a culture where engagement is a key imperative, it is integral to have support from your organization and from your leaders.

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3 Things Modern Managers Can Learn From Decades’ Old Studies of Human Behavior

The field of social psychology can be used to teach important lessons to today’s leaders.

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