This Week in Corporate Learning: How Leaders Can Enter Learning Mode

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This week we look at why leaders need a growth mindset to learn, and why Elon Musk thinks people don’t learn.

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Good Leaders Are Good Learners

The leaders most likely to improve their leadership skills are those that embrace a growth mindset. That’s because they’re the ones that work diligently through the phases of the experiential learning cycle.

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It’s Time to Train Your Managers into Coaches

Today’s employees want to develop and grow. Managers must take on the role of coach to manage in a way that motivates them.

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The 4 Key Pillars to Employee Engagement

Company culture is a key to employee engagement and managers have an important role to play in making sure that culture is properly communicated.

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Creating a Continuous Learning Culture

Fostering continuous learning involves encouraging daily rituals that personalize the review process and planning for incremental improvements.

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Feel Like You've Stopped Learning at Work? Elon Musk Just Nailed the Reason Why

In remarks made at a big space-science conference, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX hit on what he thinks is necessary for learning to be interesting.

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