This Week in Corporate Learning: The Secret to On-the-Job Learning

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This week we look at the power of the can-do spirit and how to manage an insecure employee.

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Secret to On-the-Job Learning Is Unleashing the Can-Do Spirit

To improve the quality of on-the-job training, learning and development professionals should acquire the can-do support of their managers in unleashing the can-do spirit of their teams.

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How to Manage an Insecure Employee

Coaching, specific feedback, cultivating trust, and emphasizing the importance of learning are some of the ways managers can help employees increase their self-confidence.

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‘Alexa, How Did I Do Today on Sales Calls?’

Responsive technology is infiltrating the workplace and it will be able to provide employees with rapid answers to questions with large implications for corporate learning.

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2 Keys to a Successful Learning Strategy

Business alignment and blended learning are key for developing learning experiences that ultimately impact performance.

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