This Week in Corporate Learning: Why Continuous Learning Requires Regular Feedback

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This week we look at why once-a-year meetings are too little too late and how millennials can fast-track their careers.

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Why HR Can't Expect Continuous Learning Without Regular Feedback

Be it to recognise an achievement or for a course correction, today’s employees want regular feedback so they can improve their performance. Forward-thinking employers are responding to that need.

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Six Ways for Millennials to Fast-Forward Their Careers

To put themselves on the fast-track, millennials should actively manage their careers and develop behaviours that will prepare them for success.

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Future of Work: How Using AI Creates an Enhanced Candidate and Employee Experience

Artificial intelligence can augment the employee experience, but HR leaders should be prepared for both the benefits and the challenges it will pose.

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8 Emotions to Leverage in Your Training

By leveraging emotions, learning and development leaders can help make learning stick by creating emotionally safe spaces and emotionally conducive states.

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