Bersin’s IMPACT 2018: The Final Roundup

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Attendees shared some interesting final thoughts, like why digital learning tools are like fancy pencils.

It’s the final day of Bersin’s IMPACT 2018 conference, and, over the course of the week, the event revealed some important final thoughts about the future of work. Here’s a final roundup of reflections from conference-goers and presenters.

*Before you read on, check out our rundown of reflections from the conference’s first few days if you haven’t already!

There were four key HR trends that emerged during IMPACT 2018.

During D2L’s sponsored panel session, Dr. Nancy Robert of the American Nurses Association explained why digital learning tools are like fancy pencils.

The panel also explained why conditions matter more than content.

Feedback continued to be a key theme throughout the conference. Another insight was that listening to learner feedback is key.

So is practising giving feedback.

Despite the rise of artificial intelligence, the future of work is more human.

And finally, with the above in mind, investing in employees will be critical for organisations in the future of work.

It’s not too late! There’s still time! If you’re at IMPACT 2018 drop by D2L’s #IMPACTHR booth to discover how a modern learning experience can help you empower each one of your employees to succeed in the future of work.


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