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5 Benefits of an Effective Learning Data and Analytics Solution

The data in your online learning platform is incredibly powerful. By strategically using your learning data, you can develop insightful analytics that can help you improve decision making, solve problems, and achieve goals—elevating your organization’s overall outcomes and performance.

Here are five key benefits of using an effective learning data and analytics solution.

The Ultimate Guide to Learning Data and Analytics
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1. Track Organizational Goals

With informative pre-built and custom dashboards, you can view, share, and report on progress toward your strategic goals. This will support you in making data-driven decisions that can improve outcomes for your organization and its stakeholders.

“The insights portal that Brightspace offers is incredible—and data is something we want to be more thoughtful of and make sure that we are making decisions that are appropriate for our students based on data.”

Mandi Sullivan, Director of Academic Programs, Bryan College

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2. Increase Adoption Rates

By closely monitoring the usage of your learning platform, you can see how instructors and learners are applying online tools. This will enable you to prioritize desired feature enhancements—both at a department level and across your organization.

“In the past we had no clear insight into how our people were using our online learning resources. Today the Manager Dashboard gives us a real-time snapshot of everyone’s progress, and our managers can download the data into a report very easily.”

Laura Hendrey, Learning and Development Coordinator, Vision Australia

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3. Boost Learner Engagement

With detailed views of individual and group learning interactions, you can quickly detect struggling learners and respond with timely support. This will help you make learning more engaging and can lead to increased retention and completion rates.

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4. Improve Assessment Quality

By tactically tracking quiz and question statistics such as reliability and correlation, you can easily evaluate the quality of online assessments. This will guide you in creating assessments that more accurately measure learner competencies.

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5. Accelerate Learner Success

With a clear understanding of learner competencies and performance, you can provide tailored resources to address diverse learning needs. This will assist you in better aligning course content with unique learner preferences and abilities.

“LeaP is not a teaching tool, it’s a learning tool. It empowers students to work on their knowledge and skills independently, which in turn frees the instructors to focus on teaching new skills rather than covering old ground.”

Bryan Fair, Supervisor of Educational Technologies, BCIT

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