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5 Steps to an Effective Learning Data and Analytics Strategy

As technology opens new doors, today’s learners expect flexible and engaging online learning experiences. Are you staying ahead of the curve? It’s easy when you have the right data strategy and learning analytics in place to help you gather insights and guide decision-making.
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1. Define Your Goals

Before you jump into learning analytics, make sure you understand the challenges you’re facing. If you’re thinking about your objectives and asking questions, you’re on the right path. Regardless of your data maturity, the key is to get started.

Goals you should consider:

  • Boosting learner engagement and outcomes
  • Increasing trainer productivity and effectiveness
  • Elevating overall course and program performance
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2. Determine Where Your Data Is

You can find data all across your organization. Making the most of learning analytics is easiest when you bring your data sources together. With a complete view of learning interactions, you’re well on your way to improving outcomes.

Data sources you should consider:

  • Online learning platform
  • Enterprise-level systems (SIS, ERP, HRIS)
  • Mobile applications

“For the first time, we have accurate, quantitative data that proves that our initiatives are making a difference. It’s not just about the analytics and it’s not just about the work we’re doing—you need both to drive continuous improvement.”

Kevin Kowal, Manager, Education Technology Services, SAIT

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3. Decide What You Need

Put your data to work for you. Focus on the knowledge you want to gain, and make sure it’s aligned with your overall business goals. This will allow you to tailor your insights to your main priorities.

Initiatives you should consider:

  • Improving learner progression, retention, and completion
  • Introducing adaptive and self-directed learning offerings
  • Formalizing data access and reporting procedures
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4. Prepare for Success

When mapping out your learning analytics, consider how you’ll share and act on your data and the technology you’ll use. Depending on your data maturity, you may benefit from working with a partner to accelerate your strategy.

Questions you should consider:

  • Are you learning about analytics, building your plan, or ready to go?
  • Are you confident in your ability to execute your plan?
  • How will you know that your plan is successful?

“When we saw the Brightspace platform, we knew it was the direction we needed to go. Brightspace offered us all the tools and the support that we needed to get started, and today the platform is really our equivalent of the school building that students walk into every day.”

Kristina McLaughlin, School Improvement Coordinator, TRECA

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5. Build Your Solution

If you need assistance building your learning analytics solution, D2L can share best practices and equip you with powerful analytics tools. We look forward to helping you meet your organization’s unique needs.

D2L solutions:

  • Brightspace Core Analytics
  • Performance Plus
  • Data Solutions Consulting

“I’ve been really impressed at how easy it is to build learning experiences in the Brightspace platform. The strong support we received from D2L, from the initial deployment onward, has been extremely helpful, and we’re now able to create in-depth, curriculum-driven online classes for the first time.”

Laura Hendrey, Learning and Development Coordinator, Vision Australia

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