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Drive better outcomes with competency-based training

Becoming great at something is about more than gaining a skill and checking a box that says ‘done.’ It’s the intention behind it—the plan, process, application, and repetition over time—that helps someone hone a talent and make it stick.

The reality is that focusing on skills acquisition alone isn’t enough. You need a strategy that brings a collection of skills and knowledge together to achieve key outcomes. Competency-based training is a framework designed to do just that—letting you focus on competencies that align with business needs, giving learners clear roadmaps for their development, and enabling you to prove programs are working.

In short, it’s about taking skills development to the next level and driving better business results.

Target competencies that matter most to your organization.

Learn more about targeting competencies that matter most to your organization

Give learners a clear understanding of what success looks like.

Learn more about giving learners a clear understanding of what success looks like

Show off the impact of your skills development programs.

Learn more about showing off the impact of your skills development programs

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Target competencies that matter most to your organization.

  • Transform courses into competency-based offerings. Align competencies with content, trigger next steps based on performance, and use multiple assessment methods.
  • Hone skills with meaningful feedback. Enable peers and experts to share relevant, meaningful feedback via video, audio, and inline annotations and encourage them to share insights through discussion boards.
  • Develop a team of experts. Deploy video assignments, interactive role plays, and game-based training so learners can build skills and demonstrate improvement over time.
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Give learners a clear understanding of what success looks like.

  • Keep learners on track. Set unique paths for each learner and criteria for notifications and acknowledgements.
  • Nurture a personal feel at scale. With Discover, learners can search, find, and self-enroll in courses that are relevant to them.
  • Empower learners to showcase their achievements. Awards, badges, and leaderboards are just some of the tools you have at your disposal.

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Show off the impact of your skills development programs.

  • Use analytics to make data-driven decisions. Built-in dashboards gather key indicators about performance, course access, time in content, and more—making it easy for you to understand and act on trends.
  • Plug into your unique ecosystem. Brightspace supports open standards and APIs, so it can work seamlessly with the tools you already use.
  • Save time by automating labor-intensive processes. Drag and drop multiple files from different sources to create new courses and leverage Intelligent Agents to trigger automatic communications.

Work with the learning experts to bring competency-based training to life.

From data gurus to the best in learning science and engineering, our team brings expertise that can help you improve outcomes, enjoyment, and performance.

Start with your own unique success plan.

Together with you, our consultants will tailor a plan to achieve your specific strategic goals. We’ll help you improve engagement, retention and productivity and maximize the return on your investment. Your success is our success.

Build skills and courses effortlessly.

Need help building engaging courses? Not sure how to align activities to skills to build excellence? Let us help. Our team of instructional designers can make your learning experiences effective and delightful. You’ll be amazed at the impact on your engagement surveys.

Tap into a global community of practitioners.

D2L has helped generations of learners from kindergarten through college and into their professional careers. Today, our support community brings everyone together to share knowledge so your organization can get the most out of its learning solutions.

See a competency-based training example in action.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) sought a platform that could support competency-based training and aggregate learner data so it could measure engagement and outcomes for its continuing education programs.

Improved NPS from 5 to 8 through 10

4,000 new users accessing the portal

60% increase in conversion to purchase

400+ courses delivered using Brightspace

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