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Brightspace Training

At D2L, we’re passionate about making learning easy. Our experienced team of training professionals is dedicated to helping you leverage the Brightspace platform to support learners by bridging the gap between technology and methodology.

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As your partner in learning, we’re here to help you succeed.

We’ll teach you how to best use the Brightspace tools you want to use—including training on optimal workflows, effective practices, and valuable tips. And we won’t stop there. We’ll continue to help you learn and grow.

The tools within the Brightspace platform will help you reach your full potential as an educator and in turn will help your learners reach their full potential.

Together, we’ll transform the way the world learns by sharing our knowledge and building learning momentum for everyone.

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Brightspace Training Services

As a learning company, we’ve applied our insight into how people learn best to our training approach. We’ve found that knowledge retention is most successful when participants learn something new, try it, and then come back to learn some more. Our thoughtfully crafted training services offer you convenience and flexibility, providing access to a variety of resources designed to support progressive, bite-sized learning. Making the most of your investment in Brightspace with a training solution that fits the needs of your organization helps save you valuable time and money while maximizing the impact of your training and adoption programs.

Brightspace Guided Training

Brightspace Guided Training offers step-by-step, hands-on learning for anyone new to Brightspace and those wanting to learn more. Whether you’re administrating, teaching, facilitating, or designing courses, get from A to Z, ASAP.

Learn more about Brightspace Guided Training

Certificate Training Program

The Certificate Training Program provides access to a three-course program with hands-on activities intended for course developers, instructional designers, and other learning development specialists to cultivate the skills required to create engaging courses within the Brightspace platform. A D2L Brightspace Trainer is available to participants at the beginning of each new program.

Learn more about the Certificate Training Program

Private Training

Private Training connects you with a dedicated D2L Brightspace Trainer who provides training for just your institution and adapts it to your unique implementation of Brightspace. From large-group webinars to small-group training workshops that include collaborative, hands-on activities, we’ll work with you to design a training plan to meet the needs of your users—administrators, educators, course developers, and more. You will receive a tailored training plan composed of varied sessions from our extensive Training Catalog.

Learn more about Private Training

Brightspace Guided Training

Guided Training gives you the freedom to access self-guided content topics as well as an array of facilitator-guided training webinars so you can learn however and whenever you prefer. Learn about key workflows for a variety of tools and features in the Brightspace platform through a mix of instructional demos and hands-on learning activities.

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Currently available in English, more languages coming soon.

Ask us about a customized, direct-access premium version for your organization!

Instructional videos and hands-on learning:

  • Our on-demand content gives you the flexibility and autonomy to consume only the information you need whenever you need it.
  • Materials are self-guided, so you’re free to jump in and out as desired, choosing your own path to get from learning to doing.
  • You will also receive structured guidance and advice about best practices, tips, and tricks.

Live webinars led by expert trainers:

  • Our trainer-led webinars let you follow along with a live training expert who will guide you through the key tools and workflows that matter to you.
  • Each bite-sized session is offered on a regular basis, making scheduling a breeze even when you’re busy.
  • While each webinar can stand alone, we’ve also grouped them into streams and series to take the guesswork out of creating an effective learning path that works for you.

Get started right away:

Access Brightspace Guided Training from within the Community.

Get started

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Certificate Training Program

Certificate Training provides individual users with access to a comprehensive online program designed to cultivate in-house expertise in content creation using the Brightspace platform.

*Available in English only

Deep dive into content creation

The three-course Certificate Training Program equips course developers, instructional designers, and other learning and development specialists with hands-on activities to master the skills required to create engaging courses within the Brightspace platform.

Training content developed by D2L

Course content is developed and curated by D2L experts, helping to save you valuable time and resources when onboarding or upskilling users.

Completion certificates at the course and program levels

Achievement of the program completion certificate validates knowledge across all three course offerings—Developing Course Materials, Building Assessments and Grading Learners, and Communication and Engagement.

Open registration

Add individual registrations at any time. Once the course begins, learners can progress through the content at their own pace for the duration of the course.

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Private Training

Leverage the experience and expertise of the Brightspace training team to lead virtual training workshops that include collaborative, hands-on activities designed to meet the needs of a variety of users—administrators, educators, course developers, and more.

Agenda tailored to meet your needs:

  • The workshop agenda and content are tailored to your unique Brightspace implementation and training requirements.
  • Private Training sessions are available in incremental time blocks designed to facilitate progressive bite-sized learning.

Common use cases include:

  • Onboarding new users
  • Upskilling existing users
  • Deep dive into specific product functionality
  • Organization-specific use cases
Brightspace for Corporate in Device

Why wait? Visit our LearnStore.

The LearnStore is your first stop for selecting and enrolling in D2L training programs. Here, you can browse through our offerings and make purchases for yourself or other members of your organization. You can also enroll in training programs that have been purchased for you.

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Brightspace Guided Training Webinars

Brightspace Guided Training webinars help you get started quickly with Brightspace. A D2L expert will guide you through workflows and share tips and tricks.

Learn more about Brightspace Guided Training Webinars

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