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Women’s Unique Needs in Leadership Development: Beating Self-Bias

  • 2 Min Read

Building awareness and changing perceptions are critical to overcoming women’s internal biases.

Supporting female leaders in their journey to self-awareness can help them identify their own personal biases towards themselves and overcome biases that may be holding them back from reaching their full potential. This is an essential component of any women’s leadership development program, along with addressing the confidence gap, building a personal brand and setting a clear direction.

Unconscious bias is quickly becoming a very important topic across all industries and is typically referenced as our bias towards others. Most often, it is discussed how unconscious bias can have negative effects on a company’s bottom line. But what about our biases towards ourselves? If our cultural, societal, and family experiences have taught us to view groups of individuals with certain assumptions, whether those assumptions are correct or not, it would only make sense that we would also hold biases towards ourselves as members of those groups.

Without even being consciously aware of it, we might not speak up in a meeting because we feel inferior or undeserving of having an opinion, or we might discount our knowledge by saying things like “I’m not an expert…” or “I may be wrong…”. Without realizing it, we could be affecting how others perceive us and may be putting constraints on ourselves that hold us back from being better leaders and having more influence. In addition to that, we may have biases that were developed at different points of our lives that no longer ring true for who we are today.

If we know we are biased, some self-exploration can help us identify what these biases might be, which is a necessary starting point for moving beyond them. When building a leadership development program that is designed to help women reach their leadership potential, we must incorporate ways to help women change their perceptions and change their internal dialogue.

Join us on November 13th, for part four of our Women in Leadership webinar series. This webinar will explore:
• Some common internal biases among women;
• How these biases can hold women back from their potential and how they can affect women’s leadership capabilities; and
• Potential methods to overcome these biases via self-awareness.


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