What’s New in the Teaching & Learning Community for November

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How to make online courses accessible, plus check out the Virtual Classroom and Video Assignments tools in Brightspace.

This month, our Teaching & Learning Community focused on sharing tips around accessibility, like how to make online courses accessible and create accessible course content, as well as the ins and outs of the Virtual Classroom and Video Assignments tools in Brightspace.

Make Sure to Watch

Virtual Classroom and Video Assignments: November Webinars 

This series of webinars looks at how the Virtual Classroom and Video Assignment tools in Brightspace, powered by YouSeeU, can help engage learners of all ages and improve assessment.


Make Sure to Read

Creating Accessible Course Content in Microsoft PowerPoint  

Our Teaching & Learning Community looks at how to make Microsoft PowerPoint slide decks used in online courses accessible to students using assistive technology.

Creating Accessible Course Content in Microsoft Word

Many educators use Microsoft Word when creating course content. Barry Dahl reveals a few tips and techniques or using Word to create accessible content.

Six More Tips for Making Online Courses Accessible  

In the final post of the Community’s series on accessibility, our Teaching & Learning Community’s Barry Dahl provides six tips on how to make a positive impact on the accessibility of online courses.


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