What’s New in the Teaching & Learning Community for January

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How to get students to invest in their future with digital portfolios, and a 2016 Brightspace Connections event recap.

This month, the Teaching & Learning Community looked at getting students to invest in their future by using digital portfolios, how to creatively build and organize content pages, and recapped the 2016 Brightspace Connections events.

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Build Up your (e)Portfolio: Getting Students Using Digital Portfolios to Invest in their Future
Portfolios have been used as a form of authentic assessment for a long time, and can provide a holistic view of students’ capabilities and experiences inside and outside the classroom. This webinar looks at how a student can invest in their future by building and maintaining a digital portfolio.

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Dressed to the Nines: Making Content Fashionable
This webinar offers content page creators creative ways to build and organize their pages, and make them look good too.

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Recapping the 2016 Brightspace Connections
Our Teaching & Learning Community’s Barry Dahl looks back at some of the highlights from 2016’s Brightspace Connections events.

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