What’s New in the Teaching & Learning Community for April

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Five quick wins for accessible online courses, and three great breakout sessions at Fusion 2017.

In April, the Teaching & Learning Community looked at how to make an immediate impact on the accessibility of your online courses and three breakout sessions you shouldn’t miss at Fusion 2017.

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Five More Quick Wins for Accessible Online Courses

Listen to this free webinar to learn about five quick wins for making an immediate impact on online courses when it comes to accessibility.

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Three Great Breakout Sessions at Fusion 2017

The Teaching & Learning Community’s Barry Dahl looks at three breakout sessions at Fusion 2017, what you’ll learn and why you’ll absolutely not want to miss them.

5 Bright Uses of the Awards Tool

Barry provides a rundown of how you can use the Brightspace Awards tool in unconventional ways, from rewarding student behaviors to using Awards for the fun of it.

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