This Week in EdTech: The ‘Minecraft Effect’

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This week we look at moving from VR creation in the classroom, and the college digital experience in five years.

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What’s The ‘Minecraft Effect’?

As immersive virtual reality continues to make its way into more classrooms, the question on educators’ minds is whether professors and students will be creators or consumers.

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What the College Digital Experience Will Look Like 5 Years from Now

The digital landscape of higher ed is changing quickly. What will it look like five years from now? Here’s a hint: artificial intelligence.

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Are Online Preschools Signaling the Future of Education?

Do online preschools offer the same learning benefits to children that online education might offer older learners and the same cost-savings to family budgets? This article investigates.

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City-School Data Sharing Improves Student Outcomes

This article looks at how community partnerships can help school districts with tight budgets leverage data analytics for more informed and cost-effective decision-making.

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Contextualizing M-Learning in the Training Industry

What’s m-learning and what benefits does it offer managers and development professionals? Read on to find out.

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