This Week in EdTech: Learning Trends for HR Leaders

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This week we look at trends HR leaders should watch for, how to use edtech in gym class and personalizing teaching.

Stay up-to-date on the latest news in learning with these trending articles.

4 learning and development trends for HR leaders to watch in 2017

The decisions that HR leaders make can have significant impacts on employee development. Check out these four learning and development trends that HR practitioners should watch for in 2017.

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The Importance of Leveraging EdTech in Gym Class

Physical education teachers can use students’ devices to augment exercise and add cross-curricular engagement to gym classes.

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Personalize Teaching to Personalize Learning

In the rush to implement blended and personalized learning models, the needs of teachers are often overlooked. A potential solution to this problem is for the educator community to focus on personalized teaching.

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5 Ways to Encourage Teachers to Use Technology

The secret to encouraging teachers to use technology lies in proving not just the potential benefits, but also lowering the barriers to entry.

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EdTech is Shaping the Future of Online Learning

From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, top business schools are increasingly adopting a number of cutting-edge learning technologies.

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