This Week in EdTech: K-12 is riding the next technology wave

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This week we look at how K-12 schools will benefit from next-gen tech, and how a school is using VR to prep students.

Schools ride the next edtech wave

New technologies are helping K-12 schools improve the learning experience. Read on to find out how they’re set to continue enhancing K-12 education past 2020.

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How our school is using Virtual Reality to prepare pupils for a future dominated by technology

Graeme Lawrie, director of innovation and outreach at Sevenoaks School in the UK, explains how his school is using artificial reality to move classes away from simply “learning” a subject to “feeling” the content.

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Department of Education Creates New Evaluation Tool for K-12 Administrators

Read on to learn how the DoE’s new tool is simplifying the edtech evaluation process for K-12 educators and administrators.

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Adaptive Learning Methods Could Close the Trained Worker Skills Gap

This article looks at how adaptive learning could help retrain low-skilled workers, who lack technical skills and updated knowledge, in a meaningful and cost-effective way.

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8 strategies for successful tech initiatives

This article shares eight strategies that can help university IT leaders make sure their big, new IT initiatives achieve traction on campus.

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