This Week in EdTech: Happiness and Company Culture

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This week we look at the notion of happiness at work and having training mesh with company culture

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5 AR & VR Tools for Social Skills

Augmented and virtual reality technologies continue to grow, so does the potential to help students with special needs.

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Does your training mesh with your company culture?

Even if you’re a “destination employer” to an up-and-coming generation of talent, what and how you teach them has a great deal of importance.

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Creating an interactive video for distance learning courses

The disconnect between students’ digital lives and their classroom experience is narrowing as video is featured more predominantly in both online and traditional face-to-face courses.

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Proof Positive for Happiness at Work

Some leaders are moving beyond ‘fuzzy and soft’ views for actively promoting happiness at work.

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Still a Mystery

Although the field has been around for decades, many still wonder what instructional designers do. One of the many things they can do is help translate face-to-face classes into those that are appropriate for online delivery.

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