This Week in EdTech: The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Key to STEM Teaching

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Following the theme from Fusion of reimagining education, this week we get a look the future of learning.

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'The Fourth Industrial Revolution' and the Future of Higher

We’re living through a time of profound technological change, and that’s having an immense effect on our economies. What effect will that have on higher ed?

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How Boundaries Between Colleges and Companies Will Continue to Blur

While companies are offering more educational and development opportunities to employees, higher ed is looking to improve career readiness of graduates. Where will those segments converge?

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An Australian University Just Found a Way to Teach a Year's Worth of Maths in 3 Weeks

Technology-enabled learning is critical to building competence in STEM amongst both primary and secondary school students.

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Yoga Utilized to Assist Young Girls on Coding Path

At the HowGirlsCode summer camp, girls are engaged in activities that teach them how to code, build robots…and practice wellness through yoga.

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China Taps a New Export opportunity: Education

Shanghai students have historically lead the world in global math scores. Now UK students will be able to learn mathematics using the same methods as their Chinese peers.

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