This Week in EdTech: How to Create a Learning Culture at Work

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This week we look at how having fun at work leads to better learning, and how universities can help K-12 schools.

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Developing a learning culture: supporting business and empowering employees

How a company can move to a genuine learning culture in which skills development is a central consideration for all business leaders and employees.

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Why the future of edtech is video

According to recent research from Insight Kids, 92% of US children like watching non-fiction content, and 62% say they enjoy doing so online. Video is an opportunity for educators to reach kids where they like to learn.

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One solution to failing K-12 schools? Let universities help

California’s Horace Mann UCLA Community School has formed a partnership with UCLA to help increase K-12 math scores.

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The death of the textbook, really

Industry experts have been heralding the death of physical textbook for decades in favour of digital copies but is the industry really saying goodbye to paper texts?

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Loosen up! Having fun at work is good for culture and learning

A study published by the Journal of Vocation Behavior discovered a link between informal learning, which is a common way employees pick up new skills that improve their job performance, and having fun at work.

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