This Week in EdTech: Classroom Technology Myths

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This week we debunk popular myths about classroom technology, and what Occam’s razor has to do with learning analytics.

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Debunked: 5 Myths About Classroom Technology

This article highlights some of the biggest myths when it comes to technology in the classroom and explains why they’re pure poppycock.

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Here’s What a 700-Year-Old Philosophy Taught Me About Learning Analytics

Learn what Occam’s razor can teach you about tracking attendance or participation in a particular learning event at an organization with a distributed workforce.

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3 Ways to Tell If You Are Using Classroom Tech Actively

There are big opportunities involved in the creative and active use of technology in the classroom, like helping to prepare students for life outside of school.

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Software Bots, AI Technology to Transform IT Operations Model

CIOs need to plan for a not-to-distant future where automation and AI will have a significant impact on IT departments, changing not only how they operate, but the skill sets they necessitate.

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5 Ways Top Universities are Handling Students’ Diverse Web Needs

Universities are finding new ways to leverage students’ expanding use of technology, adapting their networks to meet new demands driven largely by tech-native Gen Z.

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