This Week in EdTech: Can Technology Replace Teachers?

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This week we look at tech and teachers, education emulating AI, and keeping remote employees connected.

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Can technology replace teachers? You asked Google – here’s the answer

Technology is quickly becoming more sophisticated, increasingly able to perform more complex, cognitive tasks. And, as it plays a more prevalent role in the learning process, the question looms: what does the future hold for teachers? Read on to find out.

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Why education should become more like artificial intelligence

Artifical intelligence can make us smarter. It’s in our cars, our phones, more and more in our homes, and it’s becoming quite good at helping us find pathways to knowledge we want. This article explains what our education system can learn from AI.

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Universities reveal how technology is closing the STEM-Humanities gap

It’s a raw deal for the liberal arts: STEM keeps getting promoted while the arts become increasingly defunded. Ther good news for French Literature majors is that tech could bridge the STEM-humanities divide. This article explains how.

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eLearning Tools Keep Remote Employees Connected

Thanks to the proliferation of mobile technology, remote employees are growing in number. The problem is remote employees can often feel disconnected from the companies they work for. Here are six tips that can help companies foster a culture of trust and inclusion.

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Corporate Learning’s Transformation in the Digital Age

Corporate universities aren’t the same as they used to be. They’re better. These days they firmly connect learners to their businesses and meet their expectations for developmental growth. Read on to find out how and what their future holds.

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