This Week in EdTech: The Blockchain Revolution

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This week we look at blockchain tech, cloud computing and corporate training, and universities capitalizing on eSports.

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The blockchain revolution: will universities use it, or abuse it?

Blockchain technology is providing the foundation for new digital “Web 3.0” systems that could provide the means for large numbers of people to get access to affordable education. But will universities use it as a force for good? Read on to find out.

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K-12 data is failing students – here’s what education could look like

A new report from the Center of Data Innovation has found that U.S. education is not effectively leveraging data to increase student performance and close achievement gaps. Here are seven steps policymakers can take to better leverage data in schools.

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Here’s how to prevent academic dishonesty in the digital age

The rise of digital technologies has afforded students many new academic opportunities. New ways of being academically dishonest is one of them. Read on for four tips on how to combat academic dishonesty on campus.

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EDTECH: Cloud Computing And Big Data Are Powering Up Corporate Training

This article looks at how organizations across the globe are turning to educators to provide online training to their employees, and the role the cloud plays in creating a more efficient and engaging employee learning experience.

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Universities Embrace eSports as a High-Tech Pastime

Universities are embracing millennials’ love of eSports, with prestigious institutions like Harvard launching eSports clubs. Read more to find out how universities are capitalizing on the popularity of video gaming.

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