This Week in EdTech: How Advanced High School Classes Mean Higher Salaries

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This week we look at digital innovation at liberal arts colleges and exposing students to higher-paying career options.

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Data shows value of advanced high school classes in Arkansas

Arkansas’ Advanced Initiative for Math and Science organizations found that students who were enrolled in advanced placement courses earned higher salaries after graduating from college — regardless of the marks they received on end-of-course exams.

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The secret to digital innovation in the liberal arts

Liberal arts colleges often have a disadvantage when it comes to technical innovation but some are overcoming this with online learning strategies.

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Higher ed seeking new ways to spur interest and access to workforce development

Institutions and advocacy organizations are using program creation and scholarship support to expose students to higher-paying career options.

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Students willing to pay more for tailored teaching at university

New research by the New College of Humanities found that half of students would be willing to pay more in tuition fees for a more personalized approach to teaching at university.

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Report: Tech-savvy K-12 teachers will survive the age of automation

Do teachers have to worry about automation? A new report found that tech-savvy teachers don’t have to worry.

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