Unlock Analytics in the Classroom with the new Brightspace Autumn ’15 Release

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Watch the Autumn ’15 Release webinar.

Low engagement and high dropout rates are some of the biggest challenges facing educators today. In fact, only 56% percent of students who enroll in university achieve their bachelor’s degree within six years. Even more concerning, only 29% of students who start a two-year degree program finish within three years. The driving force behind our product innovation at D2L is to provide teachers and organizations the right tools and insights, so they can build better learning environments that result in better outcomes for students. This is why I’m so pleased to tell you about Autumn ’15 – our latest release of Brightspace – which delivers many of the capabilities our customers have been asking for.

With the Autumn ’15 release, Brightspace becomes the first LMS to gather student data from across the entire learning ecosystem, including mobile apps and devices, games, and videos. Instructors will now receive real-time intelligence about student learning activities so that they can provide immediate guidance. Also as part of Autumn ’15, we’ve introduced our Learning Analytics Blueprint – a set of services designed to help organizations get started.

Here are just a few of the highlights from Autumn ’15:

Brightspace Insights™ Analytics Suite

See how students are interacting with content across the education technology ecosystem.

More Reports:
We’ve added some key reports our customers have asked for that provide additional insight on which activities are happening across the organization.

  • Tool Usage Report provides faculty insights on the overall effectiveness of a course and its structure by showing which learning tools the students are actually using.
  • Course Access Report provides faculty a view of student engagement by showing how often and how much time students have spent logged into a course.

Analytics Enhancements for Instructors:
We’re bringing instructors the right data, at the right time, in the right place.

  • Embedded Data Visualizations provides instructors with a clear view of students’ success right on the course homepage with the new Brightspace Student Success System™ At-Risk widget.
  • User Progress Enhancements show instructors how well a student is performing from one simple interface and provides a more detailed view of the student’s progress with the addition of key reports.

Learning Analytics Services:

Helping clients build learning analytics strategies to drive student success.

  • The Learning Analytics Blueprint offers institutions help in navigating the opportunity that learning analytics presents. Our team of advisory consultants, provide expertise and experience to help organizations explore their objectives and manage the education transformation.

Brightspace Support for IMS Global’s Caliper Analytics™

Gain a complete view of what makes learners successful.

  • Autumn ’15 brings outside learning activities directly into the Brightspace platform through Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®).
  • A complete view of the learner’s pattern of behavior provides instructors a richer understanding of what is contributing to their success, and the ability to take action at the right moment.

Additional Improvements for Instructors:

Brightspace Assignment Grader is now available on Android™ tablets!
Download this app from the Android™ app store on November 5th and see how easy it is to mark assignments on the go.

Usability Improvements
The feedback we get from our Product Ideas Exchange in the Brightspace Community is incredible. We’ve been listening, and the Autumn ’15 Release includes ideas that have come directly from you, including allowing for ‘NOT’ scenarios in release conditions. You can set up a release condition that will send an email out to students who have not submitted an assignment, posted a discussion, taken a quiz, etc. This email reminder motivates the student to login and submit their outstanding work, and the best part – these emails are triggered automatically once the release condition is set up.

Reward Learners with Badges and Certificates
Boost learner engagement by recognizing a student’s achievements by using the Awards tool in Brightspace Learning Environment. This tool allows instructors to set up release conditions so that Badges or Certificates are awarded, as soon as learners earn them. Custom Badges and Certificates can now be created using your own images for unique and meaningful awards. Students are also able to share their awards on their profile or through social media.

Making Sure You Stay Connected with Brightspace Pulse

We know that today’s instructors and learners need the ability to be productive from their mobile devices. We’ve added new features so that learners can stay informed and receive instant notifications for new content in their learning experience.

Check out the Autumn ’15 Release Webinar!

Learn about the latest features and services that are part of the Autumn ‘15 Release for Brightspace. You’ll be able to see why Ovum chose us as the #1 LMS provider for next-gen online teaching and learning.

Watch the webinar recording here.

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