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Study: Improving Knowledge Retention with Video Assignments

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Discover how Video Assignments can improve knowledge retention among all learners.


When looking for ways to improve or enhance a process to produce greater results, it’s always important to have strong evidence showing that the process be beneficial.

Lynda Randall, PhD, from California State University Fullerton, designed and conducted a study that links the use of Video Assignments and improving knowledge retention among all learners. By comparing the effects of three types of Video Assignments—independent learning, Video Assignment, and Video Assignment with Auto Analysis—Lynda was able to find strong statistical evidence indicating Video Assignments can help improve knowledge retention and can be beneficial to a learner’s academic outcome.

In this blog, we look at Lynda’s study focusing on improving knowledge retention.

D2L Fusion 2021: Improving Knowledge Retention

Throughout Lynda’s presentation, she thoroughly explains the process of the study and identifies the key factors that contribute to the overall result by answering these four questions below:

  1. Which of the three types would provide the greatest level of retention and information?
  2. To what extent do students perceive the value of video recording as a contributor to their learning?
  3. How do students perceive that the Auto Analysis features of Video Assignments influenced their learning?
  4. What features of Video Assignments do students perceive as most influential to their learning?

To watch the presentation, click on the video below.

D2L Fusion 2021: Improving Knowledge Retention

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Learn More About Video Assignments

Video Assignments use a holistic teaching and learning approach to help deliver meaningful and authentic outcomes through experiential learning. Using multiple types of Video Assignments, learners can not only demonstrate their comprehension of the fundamentals of education, but can also work toward continuing their education in real-world experiences.

Written by:

Stephanie Pozzebon

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  1. D2L Fusion 2021: Improving Knowledge Retention
  2. Learn More About Video Assignments