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Reimagining Education in Georgia

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On Sunday, October 25, Georgia Superintendent Richard Woods released “A Roadmap to Reimagining K-12 Education,” a bold vision outlining how now, amid an ongoing pandemic, the Georgia Department of Education can work to revolutionize K-12 education in the state. The Roadmap details how the State and Ga DOE can support student-centered innovation in everything from school funding to testing, student progress tracking to teacher evaluations, and curriculum enhancements to investments in digital infrastructure necessary for every student to access robust learning opportunities.

The Roadmap recognizes that there is an opportunity to look at our educational system with new eyes, and to take steps toward a system that fully addresses the needs and potential of both educators and students. Notable recommendations from this Roadmap include:

  1. Ensuring access to well-rounded education for every child across the state, including robust curriculum, learning opportunities, and nutritional support for all students, no matter the budgetary challenges.
  2. Adopting student-level, rather than grade-level, approaches to teaching and learning by emphasizing individual progress and personalized learning pathways.
  3. Modernizing the state’s K-12 funding formula so that it recognizes poverty, protects funding for rural and low-wealth districts, and funds non-academic supports.
  4. Defining and providing access to a 21st-century classroom for every teacher and student, at home and in the school building, by providing high-quality, interactive instructional resources to districts across the state, and increasing the digital infrastructure available to all students statewide through 1:1 device availability, increased broadband internet access, and a statewide learning management system and professional learning communities for educators.
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Now is the time for inspired thought, aspirational goals, and formidable action in pursuit of both. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Georgia educators have been forced to rapidly and dramatically change how they educate students. Although the challenges have been great, the tireless dedication of administrators, educators, and paraprofessionals across the state has resulted in creative ways to rapidly address student needs ― whether for warm meals or specialized learning services. This Roadmap provides direction for how we might seek to further revolutionize education for the better across the state, addressing pre-existing barriers and building resilient learning systems of the future

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