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Putting Learners and Instructors First

  • 3 Min Read

One of the things that I think sets Desire2Learn apart is our focus on putting learners, instructors, and our overall client community first.  It’s a value that comes through in a number of different of ways, from our approach to prioritizing the hundreds of enhancements in the latest release of our product to our commitment to service and execution.

I’m really thrilled with the teamwork that has culminated in our latest product release today. This release directly reflects the feedback from our user community.

We continuously travel the world to gather feedback from our clients through Ignite regional user groups, our annual global user conference, our digital community, advisory groups, and idea exchanges.  There is no question that we have a committed, thriving community of individuals who help us ensure that we’re addressing gaps and delivering innovation in everything we do.  I feel the best way we can say thank you is continually releasing amazing technology that responds to this feedback, excites learners, and continues to keep our clients far ahead of their competition.

It’s this feedback that has pushed our focus away from fragmented solutions to a vision for an Integrated Learning Platform that can deliver one platform to engage, connect, and inspire. In other systems, learners and instructors have to log in to many different fragmented systems, causing frustration and confusion as you jump from one learning experience to the next. Desire2Learn offers a next generation solution that reflects the shared vision between ourselves and our forward-thinking clients.[Read today’s press release for a full review of all the new updates in the current version].

On the service and execution side of things, we’ve made some huge improvements over the last year. Due to rapid growth, we’ve experienced some setbacks, but we’ve emerged with an even stronger commitment to our clients by keeping our promises.

Keeping our promises today, means delivering a high quality release on the date we set out for this product release when we presented this to everyone at Fusion earlier this year.  It also meant delivering a Semester Start Up Program this Fall that provided >99.9% uptime.

While other vendors are still struggling with significant outages during peak periods, we’ve been able to implement a toolkit that helps ensure clients have the key resources and best practices needed to be successful even with things that can feel outside of our direct control. This program was a big investment in time and resources for our teams to make sure we kept this promise to our clients. With a focus on learners and instructors first, we knew that delivering an uninterrupted semester start and ongoing SLA was one of our biggest priorities this year – and it will continue going forward.

As I look back at all we’ve accomplished in the last few months, I’m excited by the building momentum as we execute on this vision of an Integrated Learning Platform.  I can’t wait to share more of this vision with all of you over the next few months.  I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at EDUCAUSE next week, and many more at a Desire2Learn Ignite regional user event in area near you.

In the meantime, keep sharing your ideas and pushing us as we build this vision together.

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