Oscar Gold: How These Characters Could Use an LMS on Their Learning Path

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We turn our camera on a few characters from Oscar-nominated movies.

We love movies. But of course, we also love education. So, what better way to celebrate the 2018 Academy Awards than by taking a look at a few of the characters in nominated films to see how education, powered by a Learning Management System (LMS) could potentially change their perspectives, and put them on the path to student (and life) success.

The Boss Baby

One of this year’s contenders for best animated movie provides insight into the mind of a baby who appears to have already been educated in the ways of business and corporate ideology. That being said, he could use some re-education in ways that would allow him to not only excel in IQ, but EQ (emotional quotient), and more appropriately, AQ (adaptive quotient). While he begins life as a type-A type, one can only hope that with a new path to learning, this baby will become a more well-rounded member of society. And stop trying to kick his brother out of the family.

Proposed learning path

Intervention is key in this situation. As EdTech advisors, we suggest a learning path towards more fulfilling student outcomes, but with insight and feedback provided by trusted teachers and parents as educational partners. Using personalized learning tools such as the parent portal and the Brightspace LMS for K12, parents could investigate what’s going on in this baby’s education and help educators to intervene at appropriate times to put him on the best path for student success.

Lady Bird

Growing up and finding one’s path through life and education is difficult for anyone. But for Lady Bird, leaving home seems to be the best first step. At the same time, her mother would probably disagree and prefer she stay put. Such a dilemma can only be solved with some assistance from technology.

Proposed LMS solution

To bring together the mother and daughter in a happy compromise, we suggest that Lady Bird consider an online learning program, powered by a mobile first LMS for K-12. This way, she could attend school virtually, while at the same time, never having to leave her mother’s side. Video learning and discussion groups, enabled through the LMS, could easily provide her with the social and academic experience she longs for. All from the comfort of her mother’s couch.

Baby Driver

Clearly, it is not too late for the titular character. He possesses an enormous skill set and has been educated from non-traditional sources. His only problem is that his schedule appears unwieldy and random and he might find it difficult to access an enriching educational experience were he to look at a traditional brick-and-mortar campus option. He also robs banks a little too much.

Competency education solution

Were he to enroll in a higher education institution that supports a competency-based education, Baby Driver would be able to study virtually. He could show mastery of various competencies, allowing him to quickly navigate through his learning path (almost as quickly as he escapes justice.) Assessments of prior skills, even non-traditional ones, would be easy. Conditionally released material could be provided so he could study at his own pace and on his own schedule. He should probably also stop robbing banks.

The Disaster Artist

Adult learning is a growing industry calling forth the “new traditional learner.” The main character Tommy Wiseau displays a great spirit of dedication to his craft, however, he appears to lack an even greater desire to learn. Continuing his education in an online community college would allow Tommy to engage with educators in a personal way, which is something he seems to need. And a haircut.

An LMS for student engagement

Student engagement is key with Tommy. With ongoing support from instructors, he would receive the personalized learning experience that he needs to keep him on track. An LMS could provide Tommy with a learning path designed to keep him engaged, while analytics could reveal signs of drop-off and intervention could be done as early as possible. Adult learning would be a good path for Tommy, and perhaps a few classes in acting couldn’t hurt either.

We hope you find some value in this post before you watch the Awards show this Sunday. In the real world, we’d love to demonstrate to you how an LMS can help transform your education environment into a high-functioning, flexible, and student-focused system. Talk to us to see the Brightspace LMS in action.

Any opinion expressed in this blog post is solely that of its author and is not in any way endorsed by the actors depicting these characters or any film’s production or distribution companies.

Any opinion expressed in this blog post is solely that of its author and is not in any way endorsed by DreamWorks Animation, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, or Warner Bros. Pictures.

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