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How Online Proctoring Tools Can Make Hybrid Learning a Piece of Cake

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With the world beginning to heal and slowly returning to a state of normalcy, there is a transition that is happening from completely online learning to more of a hybrid learning approach. The hybrid teaching method is where online learning and traditional learning cross paths. It is a more balanced approach where students can choose when and how to learn and take their classes–combining in-class learning and remote learning.

However, when it comes to legitimizing learning with proper evaluation, online proctoring tools play a huge role in ensuring fair evaluation for all. A valuable partner of D2L, uLearn is an artificial intelligence-based automated online exam proctoring solution that helps academic administrators create and conduct cheat-proof tests while respecting the privacy of students.

With a solution like uLearn, the new hybrid approach to learning is not only possible but easy. In this article, we will cover 5 reasons a supportive proctoring tool and solution such as uLearn can play a critical role in helping to make the transition to the hybrid learning model easy.

5 Reasons Why Transitioning to Hybrid Learning with Online Proctoring Tools Can Be Easy

1. Flexibility

With the help of an online proctoring tool and a flexible, easy-to-use learning platform like D2L Brightspace, hybrid learning is a win-win for all stakeholders. Students can feel comfortable knowing they can successfully take exams remotely or in person with learning material that is suited to their needs. Teachers can feel confident having the flexibility to conduct exams with ease in a hybrid learning environment while reaching every student.

2. Easy Accessibility

Online proctoring tools offer easy accessibility, so students can have access to learning materials and online assessment tools even in remote settings. uLearn’s online proctoring solution is a web-based platform that can be accessed on most electronic devices. It can run remotely proctored exams with no limitations and can even run when there is low bandwidth by using an easy implementation process.

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3. Secure Learning

Online proctoring tools are designed to create a more risk-free learning environment for students from all over the world. They can help reduce the anxiety level associated with taking exams and provide a more comfortable learning experience with secure and privacy measures in place.

4. Personalized Approach

Online proctoring tools provide a personalized approach; teachers can ensure that students are learning at their optimal pace, and tests can be customized according to individual needs. Teachers can also set up testing periods, making it easier for students to manage their time and study effectively without finding themselves stuck in layers of tasks requiring them to constantly switch from one task to another.

5. Detailed Proctoring Reports

Online proctoring tools can help provide greater insights into student performance and success. With uLearn, you can receive detailed, time-stamped reports of each student’s activity and insights on any possible cheating. Teachers can revisit any of these reports at any time, helping them stay on top of each student’s progress and ensure academic integrity.

About uLearn

uLearn is on a mission to revolutionize the way online exams are conducted through its AI-based online exam proctoring solution so that you can transform your exams to enhance the test-taking experience. Further, we have the best system architecture in place that follows all data security measures required for an online proctored exam. To learn more, visit today!

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