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Making Time for Teachers to Focus on What Matters in the Classroom

  • 3 Min Read

Last Modified: Aug 18, 2022

What if you had just one extra hour a day to focus on the things that really matter in the classroom?

The workday pulls teachers in many directions. You have to prepare lesson plans, attend staff meetings, and supervise the lunchroom and the playground.

With the average school day lasting around 6.7 hours, the workday for teachers can be almost twice that. Including prep time, extra help hours and time spent planning, grading, speaking with parents and attending required meetings, teachers can expect to put in a 12- to 16-hour workday.

Teachers can find it impossible to carve out extra time in a teaching day. Having more time can feel like a dream. Teachers can streamline common tasks and use the power of their LMS to gain back precious minutes and hours to spend on activities that truly matter to students and lead to better learning outcomes.

We understand this problem, and by using these new features in the Brightspace platform, you can add precious minutes back into your day.

Taking a Look at How to Make Time

Let’s take a look at a few of these new capabilities within Brightspace.

Grading and assessment consume more time than almost any other tasks. If you can instantly find, organize and prioritize student work you want to assess, you get time back in your day. 

Using Quick Eval

Instructors, teachers and evaluators can quickly see what needs to be evaluated across all their courses and tools by using Quick Eval.

You don’t have to do the finding and sorting – we do it for you. Quick Eval pulls together submissions from tools, courses and other categories into a single categorized list.

You see assignments, discussions and quizzes neatly organized and ready for you to assess. Sometimes, you may want to organize student work by date submitted to make your work time efficient.

Using Rubrics

Teachers use rubrics to show students what they’ve done well and what they should work on next. Teachers love using rubrics to provide feedback to students, but the setup of rubrics can take too much time.

To give you back time, the new, intuitive experience within Brightspace makes building rubrics extremely easy. Don’t spend hours building rubrics – let our tool help build them magically for you.

Saving Teachers Time with the Brightspace Platform

Quick Eval
  • All work organized in one place
  • Grade by date, section, course, student – depending on what makes sense for you
  • Streamline building rubrics
  • Reuse and share rubrics
  • Provide higher-quality feedback to eliminate questions (and improve outcomes)

So, What Now? Collaborating on Some Ideas

We helped carve out more time, so you can focus on what matters. Let’s answer the question “What would you do with one more hour in the day?” Here are some ideas:

  1. Continue to learn – seeking out new knowledge and finding those “Aha!” moments that make you a more well-rounded professional
  2. Meet with students
  3. Engage with parents
  4. Brainstorm classroom activities
  5. Collaborate with colleagues
  6. Reflect and recharge

So, if Brightspace could help give you back an hour in your day, how would you use the time?

We’d love to hear from you about what you’d do with an extra hour. Tweet us @D2L with the hashtag #TeacherTips.

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