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Help us celebrate our favorite schools and educators who made a difference.

It’s more than 30 years ago, but the images are still fresh in my mind  the snow sticking in little balls on my wool mitts at recess, the dust on the chalkboard ledge, the carvings in my desk left by former students, and the huge desktop computer at the front of the class. I remember playing in the snow building forts with friends and never worrying about how cold it was outside. To this day, when I’m visiting a school in the winter, the knee-high water fountains, and the sight of all the boots, mitts and coats hanging in the hallway bring a flood of memories back.

We love our schools. They are where we meet our friends for life. They are where we meet other adults our teachers who next to our parents will have some of the biggest impact on how we grow up. They are the first places we venture on our own, independent from our parents, to make our own decisions, relationships, and mistakes. We learn so much in schools not just about the subjects themselves, but about what inspires us, where we excel and about how we learn.

Schools are incredibly inspiring places. I think that’s why I’ve stayed so close to education all these years. Every child starts their school career full of promise dreaming about what lies ahead. Each child who walks to school or jumps off the bus on that first day is hopeful and excited. Through the careful attention of educators and the influence of their peers in the years ahead, those kids will find their way and their purpose and, hopefully, learn to love learning so much that it becomes a lifelong passion.

That’s the dream and the goal of schools, anyway. I know in my own case it’s true. I simply would not be where I am today, doing what I love, without the great influence for good that I experienced from teachers in schools all the way from kindergarten to university and beyond.

Tomorrow is “LoveMySchoolDay,” which will be celebrated across social media with the #LoveMySchoolDay hashtag. Students and teachers all over the world will be telling one another why their school rocks what’s unique about it, what programs they’re known for and the people who make the school come alive.

I’m going to be reading those posts closely. Here at D2L, our goal is to make the learning experience better for people to do nothing short of transform how the world learns. What better way to do that than to read all about what people love about their own schools? It’s a great opportunity to listen to how teachers and students are making a difference in their own communities and maybe taking some cues from those experiences and applying them more broadly in educational technology.

But, even more than that, it’s a chance to reconnect with that excitement and hope and passion that young people feel when they’re learning.

For me, there’s nothing more inspirational.

Love the way you teach and learn,

John Baker

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