Let’s Make Plans to Meet at FETC 2018

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Why you should not only attend FETC this year, but also why you should definitely come by our booth to say hi.

We’re delighted to be attending FETC 2018 in Orlando, Florida. But this is mainly because we’re excited to meet up with the many talented industry experts who will also be there. If you haven’t registered yet, now’s the time as the early bird deadline ends today (Friday, December 22.) Come be a part of the conversation that will help shape the future of technology in education. From top keynote speakers to deep dive sessions with industry experts, the conference offers a great selection of industry information and expertise. The FETC conference allows us to connect with old friends and provides us the opportunity to engage with future friends as well. Here’s why we think you should attend the conference and also find our booth.

Get a close-up view of new technology

The conference is like a one-stop marketplace where you can learn about all the new trends and technologies that are going to impact education over the coming years. You’ll be able to see and demo new and cool tech gadgets, apps, hardware and of course software. When you visit our booth, ask for a demonstration of Brightspace and get a glimpse of Daylight, the new look for Brightspace that creates a simplified and seamless user experience that works on any device, from desktop to mobile. Or you can just come to say hi.

Register for an amazing roster of workshops

This year’s sessions cover a wide variety of topics that are at the top of mind for educators and administrators. For example, new technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality are steadily becoming the hot issues of 2018. We’re excited to hear how teachers are taking advantage of these new tools and finding innovative ways to support next generation learning. Another reason to connect with us is to let us help promote the initiatives that you’re doing at your organization. We’d love to hear about your experiences using technology in your education practice.

Enter to win a prize for your eyes

In keeping with the theme of the conference and to celebrate our love of next generation EdTech, we’re going to be giving away a VR headset. For more information, keep an eye on D2L Twitter or talk to us in person at the FETC D2L booth where the full contest terms and conditions are available upon request. We hope that by exploring the many fun and educational uses for VR, you’ll get inspired to find ways to add new technology to your courses. And if for no other reason, you can use them as a distraction while you’re waiting in line at the airport.


  • January 23-26, 2018
  • Orange County Convention Center
  • Orlando, Florida
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