Top things we discovered at iNACOL 2018
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It’s a wrap: iNACOL 2018 gave us plenty to talk about!

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Here are the top things we took away from this year’s iNACOL 2018

We always have a great time at iNACOL This year, not only did we have the chance to meet up with educators who are helping to define the next generation of education for our students, but we also got to listen in on the current trends in our community. Judging by the number of programs and presentations that focused on the student experience, it’s clear that putting students at the center of their education is a main issue for educators. The next issue of course is how to make it happen.

The mission to empower students

One of the more popular topics discussed was around ways to personalize learning for students. As well, how we can coach and support teachers to develop the skills to provide personalized learning, to set appropriate goals, and to monitor progress. Transforming education may be a lofty goal, but it begins by supporting teachers and students, while listening to their unique needs. That’s why we consider iNACOL symposiums a great opportunity for educators to share their personal and professional experiences, as well as pedagogical advice for achieving educational goals.

Developing innovative education programs

Blended learning and competency-based learning were two hot topics this year. Educators are discussing the impact of CBE on learners, teachers and leaders alike. Shifting paradigms is no simple task, but it’s so important for educators to begin conversations around the topic. Because D2L is highly invested in the success of innovative education practices such as CBE and blended learning, we were excited to listen in on the current concerns and successful implementation of these programs. We heard (and agreed upon) the importance of leadership in such paradigm shifts. Again, the theme of ‘it takes a village’ came up time and again as educators discussed ways to implement, train, and support innovation in education. Obviously, we believe that your vendor should also be part the village. It’s for this reason that D2L is dedicated to not only the technology, but also the strategy needed to implement change successfully.

iNACOL continues to inspire us

Through the many presentations, programs, and interactions with attendees, we had the opportunity to gain insight into the real-world needs of teachers and administrators. As a vendor of education technology and education partner, we benefit from being able to align our technology and consultation services with what is truly needed in the industry. iNACOL is source of inspiration for attendees and we feel that this year truly galvanized the industry towards focusing efforts to put students at the center of their education experience.

If you attended this year, we’d love to hear your feedback on your favorite learning moment. And if you didn’t attend, we hope to see you at next year’s event.

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