Introducing the Learning Analytics Blueprint

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Fast Company recently ranked D2L as a top innovative vendor in the field of data science. The recognition called out our work in analytics to personalize the learning experience, and we’re honored to receive it. Our goal is to transform the way the world learns, and a big part of that is helping companies and schools get started with learning analytics.

Most institutions understand intuitively that learning data is one of their most valuable assets, but they’re often unsure how to derive real value from it. The key is in understanding the data in itself is not the most important place to start – it’s the outcomes you’re looking to achieve.

This is exactly why we built the Learning Analytics Blueprint – to help institutions turn mountains of data into useful knowledge, to solve real problems, and deliver measurable results.

The Learning Analytics Blueprint helps organizations take advantage of the opportunity learning analytics presents. It is the outcome of many years working alongside institutions who are pioneering some of the most challenging and innovative learning technology projects. No matter where you are in your analytics journey, the Blueprint can help you get better. This service will guide your institution through how to use data to create knowledge which instructors can act on to drive results for students.

The possibilities learning analytics presents for K-12 and higher education are significant. From predicting at-risk students and providing the opportunity for early intervention, to recommending learning goals based on career objectives.

Here are some great examples of schools who are using analytics to increase student success:

  • Georgia Southern University: As early as the fourth week of classes, GSU is able to predict student outcomes to within a letter grade 67% of the time. This accuracy reaches as high as 88% by week 18*.
  • Academy Online High School: “More kids are passing with C’s or higher and fewer kids are in the D to F range. From 2013 to 2014, we’ve reduced our failure rate by 36%.” – Rick Tanski, AOHS.

As you embark on your analytics journey, we can help guide you, starting with understanding your individual needs and building a strategy.  Download the Learning Analytics Blueprint to get started on building your plan, as well as the newly released full Learning Analytics Blueprint guide!

*As reported by Georgia Southern University
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