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How to Use Micro-Credentials and Awards to Enhance Customer Training

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Micro-credentialing (awards, badges, and certificates) is one of the most popular game-based learning tools that organizations use. They’re associated with the benefits we talked about in our earlier blog—making learning more engaging, giving learners tangible evidence of skills gained, and helping organizations enhance programs over time—and they can be relatively easy to set up in your learning management system.

But like game-based learning itself, there are important considerations your organization needs to keep in mind when implementing a micro-credentialing strategy. Here we look at three of them.

1. Vary the Types of Micro-Credentials You’re Using

Micro-credentials can be put into different categories, depending on what triggers them and how frequently you use them:

  • Measurement awards are provided to learners who complete a task to a given standard and give the recipient an indication of how well they did. Achievement could be measured against their own track record, other learners’ accomplishments, or course rules. Completion or performance awards are released once someone completes a task or activity.
  • Expected awards are given to learners who complete a certain number of tasks or exceed a known standard. Unexpected awards are the surprise ones that learners didn’t know were coming.
  • Incremental awards are released to learners as they acquire individual skills, whereas meta badges are given once learners have achieved a certain skill set.

Switching up the types of micro-credentials you offer can keep it interesting for your learners, and it can help better recognize higher levels of achievement.

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2. Make Badges Easily Shareable

One of the most attractive qualities about micro-credentials is that, when they’re set up correctly, they can be easily shared with a wide network of people.

In “What I Learned from Creating a Digital Badging Strategy for My Organization,” Brandon Smith, CPTD, instructional design manager, talks about using  Badgr, the platform chosen by Mozilla to inherit the Mozilla Backpack, to easily export and share badges. Click here to start at the top of Brandon’s blog or here to jump right down to the part on Badgr.

3. Tie Micro-Credentials to Your Larger Learning Strategy

For micro-credentials to have lasting impacts for your organization and its learners, they should always be aligned to larger learning goals and strategies.

When delivered well, micro-credentials can be a highly valuable part of your learning strategy. They can help motivate learners and give them evidence of what they’ve learned and accomplished. They can also help organizations drive better engagement, demonstrate results, and improve programs over time.

Make Micro-Credentialing Part of Your Customers’ Learning Experience

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