How Ontario teachers can use Brightspace to streamline their classroom
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How Ontario teachers can use Brightspace in the VLE to build lessons and streamline their classroom

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Ontario teachers can take advantage of technology tools to make building lessons easier

Every year, the start of a new school year brings a flurry of new activities and new lessons for Ontario K-12 teachers to juggle. New students, new learning styles, new papers, and things to grade, the list can go on and on. With the changing landscape of education, adopting online learning and blended learning tools is increasingly becoming a necessity. What if there was a way to help save time and get organized while still meeting your student’s needs? A tool that lets you organize, create, and share course materials and lessons online?

A VLE can make lesson building a snap

The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which is available free to all publicly funded school boards (provided by the Ontario Ministry of Education) lets you do just that. The VLE is made up of all of the features of D2L’s Brightspace combined with Ministry content, eLearning courses, blended learning resources, and more! The new content experience from D2L, which is available to all VLE users, gives educators the flexibility to create learning content from scratch or upload existing resources. You can pace material, hide lessons and post content to the activity feed.

How the VLE can help

Think of the new content experience in the VLE as another set of hands or “the virtual you.” Here’s what the VLE can do:

  • Save teachers time while meeting learners’ needs
  • 24/7 accessibility – so that you don’t have to be
  • Organize and pace learning material
  • All-in-one convenience
  • Easily track curriculum expectations

Once you’ve created a new piece of content, you can easily post it to the activity feed in the VLE. Think of the activity feed as a combination of an announcements board and a to-do list. Students can at-a-glance see what’s going on and what they need to do next.

The activity feed is fully integrated into the VLE as a part of Brightspace, allowing students to easily find any new content that is created. The activity feed is also social-inspired to make it fun, easy to use and a breeze to navigate. Helping you get back to doing what you love – teaching.

Watch our recent webinar: Building Lessons and Using Activity Feed in your Classroom

Looking to streamline your classroom this school year? Come to one of our upcoming webinars to learn how Ontario teachers can use Brightspace in the VLE to build lessons and streamline their classrooms. During this interactive webinar, we will go through the new content experience from D2L, which is available free to all VLE users, showing educators how to create learning content from scratch or upload existing resources. You’ll learn how to pace material, build lessons, and post content to the activity feed.  We will highlight how to post content to the activity feed and show how easy it is to have students participate in a conversation about it.  We will finish the webinar with a Q&A session where you can ask any question you may have about creating lessons, using activity feed, or accessing the VLE.

Start this school year off with a tool that was designed for you, that fully integrates with the comprehensive suite of tools offered by the VLE!

Watch the webinar now

Incorporer les outils de Leçons et Fil d’activité dans votre salle de classe

Dans ce webinaire interactif, nous aborderons la nouvelle expérience pour la gestion du contenu chez D2L, Leçons, un outil gratuit pour tout utilisateur de l’EAV, en vous montrant comment soit créer du contenu d’apprentissage de zéro, soit télécharger vos ressources actuelles. En tant qu’enseignants, vous apprendrez comment ajouter des dates de rythme du cours, créer des leçons, et afficher du contenu sur le fil d’activité. Nous soulignerons comment afficher du contenu sur le fil d’activité et démontrerons à quel point il est facile pour les élèves de participer à une conversation sur cela. Nous terminerons le webinaire par répondre à toute question que vous auriez sur la création des leçons, l’usage du fil d’activité, et l’accès à l’EAV.

Lancez votre année scolaire avec un outil désigné pour vous, qui s’intègre harmonieusement à la suite logicielle d’outils exhaustifs offerts dans l’EAV !

How to get Brightspace in the VLE for your classroom

Ready to try Brightspace in the VLE? Did you know that all K-12 public school teachers in Ontario have free access to Brightspace as part of a provincial Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)? To get VLE access for your classroom, reach out to your Technology Enabled Learning and Teaching (TELT) contact or email us at

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