Harmonize and D2L—Partnering to Improve Collaboration in Education
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Harmonize and Brightspace—Partnering to Improve Collaboration in Education

  • 2 Min Read

We recently announced our partnership with Harmonize, a tightly integrated, next-generation online discussion platform that you can use directly from within Brightspace! A social space modeled on today’s best social media, Harmonize helps you create more dynamic interactions in your online discussion forums for better engagement and deeper learning.

“To create conveniently collaborative communities for all students and instructors, we connect with the tech tools they’re already using. The integration with Brightspace puts Harmonize one click away for everyone who uses this popular LMS.” – Marcus Popetz, co-founder and CEO of 42 Lines

But first, a short time out. We know you have a lot on your plate. If you’re teaching online, you’re working hard to deliver a great remote experience to students whose lives have been upended in recent weeks. And like the rest of us, you have a lot of other things to think about right now.

We’re going to keep this short and leave some links for you to explore Harmonize further!

What is Harmonize?
It’s a more intuitive way for you to conduct discussions online.

Inspired by popular social networks , Harmonize isn’t just another online discussion tool—it’s an easy, intuitive way that lets students engage with each other in a way that makes sense to them. With Harmonize, you can…

  • Enhance online collaboration
  • Boost engagement
  • Be accessible to every learner
  • Inspire participation and discussion

What makes Harmonize different?
It’s easy to use for both you and your students.

Harmonize incorporates the technologies your students are already using to transform “posting to the discussion board” into real conversations. Harmonize supports rich media, including text, web pages, images, and audio and video—without any crazy formatting issues. And a whole lot more.

Where can I learn more about Harmonize?
Read more about Harmonize and the integration with Brightspace in the press release.

Students today expect their online interactions—especially discussions with their peers—to be visual, easy, and fun. And now, thanks to some seamless integration between Brightspace and Harmonize, you can meet those expectations.

D2L believes learning is the foundation upon which all progress and achievement rests. Working closely with organizations globally, D2L has transformed the way millions of people learn online and in the classroom. Learn more about D2L’s Brightspace platform at www.d2l.com.

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