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Getting Started with Brightspace for K–8 Educators

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Enhance your digital classroom for young learners with powerful virtual learning tools built specifically to boost student engagement and success.

In previous blog posts, we explored the benefits for K-12 educators to transition teaching from face-to-face and transition teaching from other technologies to the Brightspace platform. Now let’s dive deeper into some of the specific Brightspace tools available for K-8 educators to enhance their virtual classrooms.

Engaging with young learners in a traditional face-to-face classroom can be challenging enough, between grabbing and maintaining their attention and keeping them interested in their schoolwork. Doing both of these things online can be even more difficult when you’re navigating a new learning platform.

The Brightspace platform includes several features built specifically with young learners in mind to help you resolve these challenges and boost student progress. For example, the Portfolio tool with the much-loved monster, Funster, allows students to take charge of their own learning and demonstrate the work they’ve completed. Meanwhile, the Activity Feed allows you to effectively communicate with students and families and create a single space for students to easily find their work whenever they like.


The Portfolio tool is your virtual filing cabinet where you can store evidence of students’ learning, provide them with real-time feedback, and share the learning evidence directly with parents.

In essence, the Portfolio tool empowers students by putting their learning into their own hands, allowing them to create tangible evidence of their progress and speak about the work they have created. Funster’s easy-to-use controls allow students to simply hold still while their work is submitted automatically to their Portfolio. After the work is out of the way, getting the little ones to stay still will be the hardest part!

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Activity Feed

While the Brightspace platform has many key features to help students find their way around, the most prominent is the Activity Feed. The Activity Feed allows you to easily distribute work to students and call attention to it when they need it. And since the Activity Feed is available directly on your course homepage, students only need to visit one place to see what needs to be done.

In the Activity Feed, you can easily add a QuickLink to a piece of content or an activity for students to work on, and they can click right into their work from there. Even better, if your school district uses Brightspace Parent & Guardian, parents and guardians can also see what you post on the Activity Feed so they can stay involved in their child’s learning and track progress toward shared learning goals. You’ll no longer need to worry about communicating separately with parents and guardians about upcoming work.

Next Steps

Now that you’re familiar with some of the great tools available in the Brightspace platform for your young learners, it’s time to start putting them into practice. One of the greatest things about Brightspace is that, while you have many different options to build an engaging digital classroom, it’s easy for you to get started right away!

In our next post, we’ll explore some of the specific Brightspace tools available to 9th–12th grade educators to engage students in a virtual classroom setting.

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