Faculty Buy-in: The Key to a Successful LMS Transition

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Louisburg College shares their top tips for getting faculty onboard with a new LMS

Even if your incumbent learning management system (LMS) is no longer meeting the needs of your institution, faculty can sometimes have a sentimental attachment to it. They know how to use it and change can be scary. Louisburg College is currently experiencing this scenario as they are in the process of transitioning to a new LMS.

Change can be a daunting task for an educational institution–but not an insurmountable one. Tommy Jenkins, a Humanities Division Chair and Associate Professor of English and Ian Wolf, an Assistant Professor of English recently shared their experiences. It’s their belief that one of the keys to success with a new LMS transition is to have buy-in from your faculty. You can check out more in the video below.

3 Tips for Faculty Buy-in

One thing that you really need to focus on is creating excitement. It’s important to highlight how this change is going to positively impact faculty in a simple and generic manner. Show them how to complete tasks or workflows in the new system over the old to help them feel more comfortable.

Another way to help with faculty buy-in is to recruit early adopters from a variety of departments who will engage with the LMS and help spread the word on ease of use. If you adopt a train-the-trainer approach for this group, they can continue to advocate and share knowledge as the system is more widely implemented across the institution.

Finally, one of the best ways to learn is by doing. Why not let your faculty ‘play’ in the environment to try out different functions and features of the platform? You don’t want to overwhelm them, so don’t show them everything at once, but let them get in there and navigate the new environment.

Interested in learning more? Read our free guide to about getting faculty to adopt an LMS

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