How e-Learning can help ensure a student never feels like a number

Dr. Jaclyn Broadbent, a Senior Lecturer at Deakin University, faces the daunting task of supporting 2,100 students each year in her Health Behaviour class. Recognizing the power of personalized learning, she’s determined to get through to each and every one.

Dr. Broadbent seized an opportunity to use the Brightspace platform to improve the way she connects with and guides her students. For her impact on student engagement, she won a Brightspace Excellence Award in 2014.

The Challenge

With so many learners to support from different programs, skill levels, and locations, Dr. Broadbent was concerned about equalizing education for her diverse student population. It was also difficult to provide quality feedback that would influence learner engagement and success.

The Solution

To scale personalization, Dr. Broadbent leveraged Intelligent Agents to provide just-in-time intervention for students who hadn’t logged on to the system or who were perceived to be at risk. This also offered an opportunity to congratulate students on a job well done when they excelled. To further personalize the learning experience, Dr. Broadbent provided timely and meaningful feedback on her students’ D2L ePortfolio presentations via the Audio and Video tools available within the Brightspace platform.

The Results1

Despite an enormous class size, students love their Health Behaviour class. This is reflected in their year- end professor evaluations— Dr. Broadbent scores 16% higher than the University average. Another measure of Dr. Broadbent’s impact is her impressive 90% class retention rate.

How are you engaging students with the Brightspace platform?  Share your story and apply for the 2015 Brightspace Excellence Awards today!

1Information courtesy of Deakin University

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