Desire2Learn’s Spotlight on Customer Success – Part 1: Introducing Craig Walford, Vice President, Services & Support

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Over the next few weeks, we’ll be dedicating some time to sharing our vision for one of our most important initiatives at Desire2Learn – our ongoing investment and focus on customer service and support.  We’d like to start with an introduction to Craig Walford, a recent addition to the company’s executive team as our VP of Services and Support.

Craig joins Desire2Learn with over 20 years of experience in developing and managing customer support and professional service organizations. Along with his extensive experience, he brings a focus and talent to this area of the organization that carries with it an exciting vision for the future.  We sat down with Craig to learn more about this vision…

Learning Insights: What is your primary area of focus now that you are a part of the Desire2Learn team?

Craig: That’s easy – our customers. During my first few days at Desire2Learn, I was stunned at the level of passion and commitment customers have for our solutions. It was beyond any vendor/client relationship I had experienced before. Our customers value Desire2Learn solutions so much, that they want to see us flourish. My primary goal is to ensure that all of our clients around the globe experience exceptional service and support so their enthusiasm for the company never wanes.

Learning Insights:  What role do you see Services playing in customer success?

Craig: Desire2Learn has proven itself as an e-Learning innovator with a portfolio of powerful technologies and services that remove the barriers to learning and significantly enhance an institution’s ability to achieve its goals and objectives. Services, in particular, play an important role in supporting this success by ensuring our customers’ needs are met as they move through the various stages of implementation. Today, Desire2Learn’s offerings range from supporting clients’ adoption strategy, providing change management consulting and even helping with curriculum design.  In the future, I look forward to working extensively with our customers to build out these offerings even further – making sure that organizations have all the tools and services they need to succeed. I believe that customer input is the catalyst for innovation and critical in helping architect and support solutions that can meet the needs of diverse learning environments.

[Editor’s Note: a full listing of Desire2Learn’s services can be found here].

Learning Insights: What is your approach?

Craig: Communication is at the heart of my approach. Desire2Learn is committed to making significant investments in manpower and infrastructure so we continue our tradition of top-notch customer service and I’m committed to ensuring we communicate these changes and upgrades.  Communication also needs to work in both directions, making it just as important to ensure we have input from our customers and that the investments we are making lead to tangible benefits for them.

Learning Insights:  Do you have any final thoughts that you want to share?

At Desire2Learn we like to say that the learner is at the center of everything we do.  For my part, I am going to make every effort to ensure that the company continues to provide the support and services to empower organizations to deliver the most engaging and impactful learning experiences available – whether they are students in K-12, higher education or employees in corporate environments.   It’s an exciting opportunity and one that I am passionate to take on.

If you’re interested in learning more from Craig, he’ll be scheduling meetings at Fusion 2012. To register, simply go here:

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