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How to Use Bite-Sized Learning Today to Train the Workforce of Tomorrow

  • 3 Min Read

Mobile bite-sized learning can enhance young workers' ability to direct their own learning.

Today’s young workers grew up in a digital era with touch screens, text messages and selfies. They live and learn in mobile moments that keep them constantly connected to the world around them. With a unique awareness of how technology enhances their lifestyle, they expect ease and efficiency in how they learn, create and communicate.

This mobile-driven generation, which constitutes the workforce of tomorrow, is having a growing impact on corporate learning as they enter the workplace today. When faced with new challenges, such as needing to develop skills that will advance their careers, this tech-savvy generation self-teaches with technology. They see technology as integral to learning experiences and turn to it for everything from new employee orientation to support and beyond.

Understanding emerging tech trends in effective self-learning can help organizations identify opportunities that enhance workplace learning experiences for everyone. Across generations, US mobile smartphone ownership is over 78% with Gen Z and Millennial ownership over 90%. Not only that, younger workers prefer to consume learning in “snackable” snippets. Most millennials, for example, cite YouTube as a trusted learning resource. Plus, according to Deloitte, millennials and other young employees expect self-directed learning, like bite-sized learning experiences, to be a part of their working lives and careers, and will move elsewhere if employers fail to provide it.

By integrating a next-generation learning experience platform with a mobile app platform, organizations can deliver the kinds of engaging, dynamic, on-demand bite-sized learning experiences that meet the learning and development needs of younger workers.

Here are four common bite-sized learning moments that can be delivered to young workers through mobile interactions to enhance their ability to self-learn on the go as they enter the workforce.

First-day nerves

The first day of a new job can be overwhelming. Ease new employees’ experience with in-app learning opportunities based on frequently asked questions. If they’re eager to acclimate quickly to their new workplace, offer a first-day course accessible on their phone so they can learn more in-between in-person orientation activities.

New projects, new skills

When faced with a new project or task, it can be challenging for new employees to know where to turn to quickly navigate. Whether an employee has never seen or heard of the source format required for a presentation due in twenty minutes, can’t remember their HR benefits process, or needs to acquire important skills or develop critical competencies to improve job performance, allow them to quickly self-teach by providing tips and guides within the app.

Training for system updates

Understanding new systems can be challenging, but once a user becomes accustomed to how a tool enhances their productivity they can get into a routine. System changes can disrupt this routine and educating users early and often can help manage this transition. Send alerts to employees’ mobile devices that inform them of this new shift and direct them to a learning module that will walk them through what’s changed.

Career advancement

Whether they’re ready to grow as a professional or looking to start their career, young, ambitious employees seek tools and resources that will guide their first step, such as scheduling an informal interview or retooling their resume. Support these driven individuals with easily accessible, in-app best practices on interviews, networking, mentorships and more.

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