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Some Big News — and Some Really Big News!

  • 2 Min Read

There are two things I’m excited about right now.

The first thing I’m excited about is this year’s Fusion Conference.

We’ve been hosting Fusion for 13 years now, and what started as a modest little conference attended by a handful of our customers has grown into one of the premier thought-leadership events in education. Each year, the number of attendees keeps growing.  And each year, the quality of our sessions and networking events keeps getting better and better.

This year, we’ve outdone ourselves.

Two of the best speakers in education are attending Fusion 2016 in Washington DC. First, there’s Sir Ken Robinson, whose TED Talk on how schools hurt creativity has hit 40 million views. Then, there’s Angela Maiers, whose work on unlocking the creative potential of students is truly inspirational. With star power like that, I know Fusion 2016 is going to be dynamite.  I’m so proud that this little conference I started — my baby, as it were — has grown up into something that means so much to all of you.

And that brings me to the second thing. An even bigger thing. Something I’m really, really excited about.

My wife and I are having a baby girl.

Folks, I’m gonna be a dad!

And — ironically enough — our baby is due to be delivered on the exact same day as I would normally be delivering my keynote at Fusion 2016!  So, as much as I would like to be in Washington looking after my metaphorical baby — this year, I need to be home with my wife and our literal baby.

It’s funny — people have been asking me how I feel about becoming a dad. The thing is, I’ve been working in education since I was 22. I’ve been trying to make the world a better place for other people’s kids. And so, now that I’m expecting a child of my own, I have a whole new reason to do what I’m doing. I’ve decided that kids don’t change who you are — they change why you are.  And I’m really excited to meet my daughter, and take three months off my normal routine, and spend some time learning how to become a dad.

So to my Fusion Family and D2Lers, I just want to say: have a great conference! You’re in excellent hands. It’s going to be fantastic.  And from my family — my growing family — thank you for all your kind words and support.

It’s clear to me that 2016 is shaping up to be an awesome year.


All the best,


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