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Desire2Learn Acquires The Achievement Standards Network

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How we determine what we need to learn has been a major pain point and missed opportunity in our industry. I know from talking to clients and colleagues that the process of managing and assessing objectives can be extremely time-consuming and cumbersome. It’s a traditional process, often requiring the learner or instructional designer to consult reams of paper documents. We also know that achievement evidence gets lost as learners move between schools, into higher education, and out into the workforce.

As learners move, the only evidence left is grades and transcripts which offer little context to the learner, future instructors, and employers. The educational content publishing industry has also struggled to manage the volume of standards that differ from state-to-state or country-to-country and convert materials to newer standards such as common core for US K-12. These issues have made the path to our learning destination more difficult than it should be.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our acquisition of the Achievement Standards Network (ASN) from JES & Co. ASN is one of the largest open digital catalogues of government, workplace, and professional standards, enabling educators to view, search and download the appropriate standard and automatically apply it to current curriculum. This helps them ensure that learning experiences are directly aligned to learning outcomes, making them more visible, measurable, and portable—providing progress and achievement insights to both the learner and instructor. With ASN, not only can the path to learning objectives be made clearer, but the traditional process of managing, updating, and converting between standards can be automated.

Our perceptive, data-driven solution offerings are a key pillar of our Integrated Learning Platform. At D2L, we are committed to understanding the learning experience better than anyone else.

ASN is an opportunity to extend our perceptive solutions and we look forward to sharing details of future integrations.

D2L will maintain and invest in future developments to the ASN. It will remain an open service, available for integration with all learning technologies. I encourage you to browse the standards repository, check out the suite of integration tools, and join the community of organizations who are leveraging the ASN repository today!

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