We’re at the ERDI Conference! Here’s a sneak peek at our presentation
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A Sneak Peek at our Presentation for the ERDI Conference

  • 2 Min Read

If you’re planning on attending this year, check out the cool things we have in store.

The ERDI Canada Conference (April 4-7, 2018) is always an exciting event for us at D2L. We get the great benefit of meeting up with industry experts, old friends, and our clients in some pretty lush settings. One of the things I’m excited about is being able to present two panel discussions on April 5 and April 7, focusing on some of the key strengths of the Brightspace Portfolio as an assessment tool.

Focus on evidence of learning

Our main topic of discussion is going to be surrounding the benefits of using a K-12 LMS for blended learning, that enables instructors to collect evidence of learning in the classroom. Teachers are tasked with capturing their students’ work, feedback, and teacher interactions with as much detail as possible. A K-12 LMS allows teachers to quickly provide a notation to signify a moment of learning. This kind of efficiency ensures that more moments of learning are captured. For example, teachers aren’t tasked with having to remember these moments in the hope of notating them at the end of the day. This is hugely beneficial to students and parents because there is greater insight and transparency into classroom activities, leading to faster and more accurate levels of student assessment.

A peek into the tech

Saving teachers time is as important as ensuring each student receives as personalized a learning experience as possible. In our panel discussions, we will be looking at the Brightspace Portfolio and Brightspace Parent & Guardian and considering how these will fit within an LMS ecosystem that includes existing tools, such as:

  • The Grade book tool
  • The Student progress tool
  • The Online assignment and quizzes tool
  • The Discussions tool

Come say hello!

As part of an education company, I’m so excited to be able to learn about the real-world needs of educators and administrators and bring that insight back to our team. Many of the new functionalities in the Brightspace Portfolio were derived from interactions with our clients and users. We’d love to hear about the top challenges your educators are facing in terms of establishing regular opportunities for assessment, feedback, and communication with parents. We want to explore the possibilities that come from having technology in the classroom, and as well, we want to hear about your vision for the future of your educators and students.

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