A New Look and Feel for Brightspace – Spring 2016 Release

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Watch this webinar for a step-by-step walk-through of all the new features, services, and functionality included in the Spring 2016 release.

The days are getting longer and the snow is starting to melt, but here at D2L, springtime is about more than just the promise of warmer weather – it’s also an opportunity for renewal and growth. Our main focus this spring has been to bring you the latest features from Brightspace designed to make learning more engaging and affordable than ever. This is why I’m so excited to announce the Spring 2016 Release, which will save time for instructors, help students graduate on time, and reduce the cost of education.

The Spring 2016 Release includes the latest features from Brightspace, such as a new version of Brightspace Capture™, and what I’d like to focus on today – the new functionality of the Brightspace Daylight Experience. This new interface will improve engagement, through a clean and easy to use design.

Here are the top three goals we had in mind when creating the Brightspace Daylight Experience:

1. A Lasting First Impression

First-time users should feel confident and engaged the first time they access the platform. Whether they are students logging on for the first time, new faculty building courses, or new employees starting their orientation – the first time any user accesses the platform should be a lasting and positive experience.

  • For example: Users will be greeted with visually engaging widgets and photography.

2. A Responsive Design

Having the convenience and ability to access content through your mobile device is crucial. That’s why we built this new user interface with mobile first in mind. The mobile experience, as well as the one on your desktop, should always be top-notch – and one should never be sacrificed for the other.

  • For example: Brightspace Capture v9 allows users to experience the same rich video content on their mobile, as they would on their desktop.

3. A Sleek & Simple Experience

Online courses and modules have a ton of content for users to sift through. The design of your platform shouldn’t add to the clutter. With this in mind, we designed the layout to be clean and easy to navigate – so you can find the information you need easily and quickly.

  • For example: Content will be served up in context to the learning experience, minimizing the distraction of irrelevant navigation frames and buttons.

Where can you expect to see the Brightspace Daylight Experience? It’s already in three of our products: Brightspace Assignment Grader for Android™, and Brightspace Capture v9. You’ll also start to see it become integrated into the Brightspace Learning Environment in the next few months. And the best part is, you will have full control to turn these changes on when you’re ready.

Make sure to check back in the coming weeks, as I’ll have two more updates for you.

In the meantime, watch this webinar where we walk you through the new features, services, and functionality of the Spring 2016 Release.

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