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A bold step forward

  • 4 Min Read

It’s been two weeks since we emerged from the flurry of activity that is FUSION, and I’ve had some time to reflect on the client feedback and interactions that took place. As exhausting as the FUSION experience can be, I’ve come back really energized about what’s ahead for us.

I’m always thankful for the opportunities I have to travel, spend time with clients, and immerse myself in their stories of innovation and creativity: FUSION offers me the best of each, every year.  That our clients see us a partner in helping to deliver on their unique visions is a valuable reward that keeps us all going full speed ahead into the next year.

The vision we shared at FUSION 2013 is a bold step forward, and I’m thrilled by the response we’re receiving. Making the shift from a traditional LMS to an Integrated Learning Platform is a huge step forward. The trust and relationships we’ve built to support this interconnected and pervasive learning experience lays the foundation for some truly transformative opportunities.  The Integrated Learning Platform is about creating a more pervasive, perceptive and personal learning experience – one that sets itself apart as the next-generation learning solution.

We want to go beyond providing the functionality needed to manage a course. This platform will integrate the entire learning ecosystem, enabling lifelong learning for every individual in a unique and relevant way.  We see the platform serving as a keystone, connecting the learning community with technology, services, and solutions to provide freedom of choice, easy access, and support for all learners. From promoting social and collaborative learning to more formal blended or online delivery models, the platform will support learners’ personal goals and experiences both in and outside of the traditional classroom.

The most valuable and rewarding feedback we’ve received about this new vision is that our clients see us as a trusted, credible partner and facilitator of this next generation learning experience. Organizations want to invest in a partner that can offer interaction between the different solutions, share information, scale, and provide a rich experience consistently across all of their programs. They need an enduring partner to act as this facilitator. Working together, we share a common goal of engaging learners and instructors in a way that will lead to the outcomes we all want to achieve.

If you weren’t able to join us at FUSION, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch the keynote address. Stay tuned: you’ll be hearing a lot from us about what the next generation learning experience looks like and how we’ll be delivering it through the Integrated Learning Platform.

We’re also looking forward to engaging with our clients at the numerous regional events we’ll be hosting around the world in the coming months. We can’t wait to listen, learn, and engage with you throughout the rest of the year.


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