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7 Times Angela Maiers Inspired Us

  • 1 Min Read

These inspirational words by an award-winning educator remind us to never stop asking questions, never stop wondering, and always remember we all have some genius within.

After teaching every level in education, starting from kindergarten straight through higher education, Angela Maiers brings with her 25 years of experience as she pioneers change in both the education and enterprise sectors. As an award-winning author, educator and speaker, she is renowned for her work in helping both leaders and learners understand the power of technology and the internet.

Here’s a few inspirational quotes from Maiers that show her passion for learning:


Angela Maiers: You are a genius and the world needs your contribution


Angela Maiers: Adaptability enables students to respond rather than react, reflect rather than remember, and evolve rather than atrophy.”


Angela Maiers: What if and I wonder are expressions that keep our brains in motion. Curious brains are active brains, and active brains become smart brains.


Angela Maiers: You are enough. Your have influence. You are a genius. You have a contribution to make. You have a gift that others need. Your actions define your impact. You are the change. You matter.


Angela Maiers: The ability to ask the right kind of questions at the right time is the hallmark of a truly efficient and successful learner.


Angela Maiers: When I'm done talking or sharing with people, do they have more energy and enthusiasm or do they have less?


“Bring you passion” – A personal invitation from Angela Maiers

If you’re interested in seeing Angela Maiers speak in person, you still have time to register for our upcoming conference, Fusion, where she will be one of the main keynote speakers! She will also be delivering her own workshop during the post-conference on The Practice of Mattering: Changing Culture at Epic Scale – where you will learn the knowledge, habits, and attitudes you need to transform the culture at your organization into one in which everyone knows they matter.

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