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Meet Moose.

Moose is a Nurse Manager at Woodlandia Central Hospital, and he loves his job…


…caring for patients, leading his team, and providing mentorship and training to help the nurses on his staff thrive in their careers


But lately, Moose has been feeling like training hasn’t been hitting the mark. He finds himself going through the same old course over and over, using content that isn’t geared towards his team’s unique needs, and frustrated when the information doesn’t stick.


During regular check-ins with his team, Moose starts talking to each nurse about what they want to their ideal professional development program would look like…


“I want to be able to learn on my own schedule.”


“I want it to be easy to use no matter what device I’m on.”


“I want this ice cream, but learning that reflects my personal needs and goals would be awesome too.”


“I want to be able to get feedback outside of training sessions.”


“I want learning to be more interactive, rewarding, and fun.”


“I want ways to collaborate and network with peers.”


“I need to be able to get support if I have questions.”


These conversations get Moose thinking. Later, when he has some downtime, he starts doing some research.


That’s when he finds D2L and its learning platform, Brightspace.

It has everything—interactive experiences leveraging video and game-based strategies, personalized learning paths, social learning and feedback mechanisms, a fully responsive design, and more.


Even better, Brightspace will make it easy for Moose to set up and manage his learning environment, monitor his learners’ engagement with the content, and assess how they’re developing and mastering their knowledge, skills and competencies.


Moose shares his discovery with Fiona, the hospital’s director of learning, and soon launches a pilot program for nurse training and professional development. Seeing its success, Fiona decides to roll out Brightspace out hospital wide…


Soon, others begin hearing about what Woodlandia Central Hospital is doing and the impact it’s having and are inspired to seek their own modern learning solutions.

Change is in the air throughout Woodlandia, and to think—this whole learning evolution started with one determined moose.

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